Wednesday 12 October 2016

Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler

I've seen this book everywhere. It tempts me with its pretty cover, and I've picked it up loads of times, wondering....

The last Anne Tyler I read was A Spool of Blue Thread, which was well-written, but...

Ok, let's talk about this one. Dr. Battista has two daughters - Kate and Bunny. Kate is elder, responsible, runs the house, bosses Bunny and fusses over her father. Mrs. Battista died many years ago, and there's no one else doing this, and Kate has no complaint. She also works at a kindergarten, where her forthright attitude and tactless ways do not endear her to the little darlings' parents or her boss.

Dr. Battista is not very successful, but currently on the edge of a breakthrough. This all depends on whether his young assistant, Pyotr can stay in the country - he's about to be deported. Do you see the plot unfolding? Anyone want to finish the story?

Based on Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, this is a heartwarming read that shouldn't take you long to finish. I have never actually read the famed play, but know the story through watching the ballet, and other film and musical adaptations. There is something about the shrew's character and the plot that appeal to me every time. I definitely relate very well to her (I hear that gasp of surprise), all except the taming part (no surprises there!). 

Anne Tyler has had a lot of writing practice, and has a deft way with words. I loved the scenes between Kate and Pyotr, between Kate and her affable loving father and even flighty Bunny.

A most enjoyable and diverting read, warmly and lovingly told.

4 stars.

ISBN: 9780804141260

You may also enjoy A Spool of Blue Thread, also by Anne Tyler or what about Blue Shoe by Anne Lamott? 

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