Saturday 1 October 2016

Ten of the Best #65

Welcome to the weekend. And what a week that was! Need time to recover? Me too. 

I love/hate it when it's been such an eventful week. It's great because there's no shortage of material that is entertaining, but it makes choosing my favourite ten that much more difficult. Anyway, let's have a bash. I'm sure we'll have fun compiling the list. 

First there was the Trump-Clinton debate. I watched Trevor Noah, read a few articles, but this was my favourite - The reverse gas lighting of Donald Trump. Click the picture to link to the article.

And then there was the ongoing #Feesmustfall in SA. More student protests, disruptions, and anger and frustrations on all campuses. This article was the most sensible and explains it well.

Mind blowing college humour you will not recover from - really!

Some great news to hit our feeds this week was how Kiara Nirghin won at the Google Science Fair. Well done Kiara.

Too much news? I agree. Time for a diversion. The cutest squirrel photos I have ever seen. 

This fascinated me - How pop culture tells women to shut up. Brilliant.

No worries, you can pay with your woman card.

And the dance - The Mirror. Gorgeous.

This is sad. But also true to too many of us. To the doctor who forgot how to be compassionate. It appears to me he never knew how in the first place. 

I loved this post - Book scenes come to life.

That's ten. But there's one more - sorry, I couldn't cut it down.

Some heartwarming stuff. There are no wrong numbers. The Big Read from Darrel Bristow-Bovey.

That's really it folks! See you all bright and early next Saturday. 

Before I go, I cannot explain why, but this gif/meme made me laugh and laugh. Who thinks of this stuff?

Happy Saturday!

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E J Frost said...

Excellent list! That article on how society is still silencing womens' voices was fascinating (sad but fascinating). Thanks for sharing!