Monday 31 October 2016

Stay with me

Good morning. Sun's up. Time to run.

And I just have to share that last week was a good one - we ran every day. And by ran, I mean that we (mostly) ran the longer part to our coffee stop, and then walked the short way back. Good stuff.

And whilst you're probably picturing "run" as a hair-blown-back, beautifully graceful, bounding through the tree-lined streets moment, let me assure you that it's not. A better picture would be hair bouncing, legs shuffling, try not to get hit by a taxi, while your friend grabs you by the flailing arm (thanks M) so that you stay upright moment. That's how we roll, people.

Aren't you proud? I am. And this week, we're doing it again. 

So the song, as we bound off into the sun, is Stay With Me by Rubber Duc. Because "when you're down and you feel funny; only you can make the sun even more sunny, if you stay with me. Stay with me."

I love the clip, because it's got one of my favourite places to run on it - the East Coast of sunny SA. I love to run as the sun rises over that beautiful ocean. 

Such a catchy tune.

Now get running, if you wanna stay with me this week (and you do). And watch out for those taxis.

More running moments.....

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