Tuesday 17 February 2015

Why you may want to read this blog

Well, if you are here, then this is the part where I should explain all the wildly interesting, entertaining, fascinating takes on life that I have. The problem is, I don't think that I am that interesting. That is probably why this blog has taken so long to get going. And I have no idea how this is going to look when I hit "Post", so apologies in advance that it may not look that good.

Having said that, I am wildly interested in lots of things. I am a wife (a pastor's wife, actually, although that is hardly ever referred to on my CV), mother of two teenage girls, and actuary whose day job is investment consulting. Although those things take most of my time, I also lead worship at church, and am an aspiring author.

My husband will refer to my various passions as obsessions, and he is probably quite right. I do have a tendency to overdo most stuff. Current and past passions include reading prolifically, running, healthy cooking and eating, music - playing and listening, spending time with family and friends and being a dangerously occasional gardener.

I will probably blog (mostly) about these passions, and also ramble about my day-to-day struggles with coping with a much too busy life, whilst not wanting to let any part of it go.

Welcome - I trust you find something to comment on, or smile at, or maybe even think about.