Saturday 15 October 2016

Ten of the Best #67

What a week. If yours was anything like mine, it was a roller-coaster of incredible highs and dark despondent lows. It’s all I can do to walk in an upright position. Part of me feels like I’m holding on so hard and tight, I’ll never stand up straight again.

This makes me think we are in need of some serious stress relief. What do you think? We need to laugh. A lot.  It helps us with that tricky thing called perspective. Let’s see if we can find the funny side of life this weekend. Laugh. Sing. Dance. Yes, all at once, if you must. I won’t tell.

So much stuff on the students and why #FeesMustFall. But for reason in this space, we usually turn to Jonathan Jansen. Here’s what  he wrote for the Financial Mail this week. It summarises the state of play well. Click the pic of the cutest protester ever.

And the ongoing story of state corruption. Archbishop Ndugane called for the scrapping of the nuclear deal to save the students, and there is a theory that all the news (students, Gordhan, state capture) is all a set up to distract us while someone slips the nuclear deal through, surreptitiously. But the voices are rising. Here's a transcript and a video clip of Pityana's speech, in case you missed it. Click on Zapiro.

Please, let’s escape to somewhere else. On a good day in America, Robert de Niro said this, which I loved. And then the Dr Seus Trumpisms started trending on Twitter. Here are the best.

Ok, I know where we can go. There’s a place in England. In Kent. Underground. Stay with me now. No I don’t know who built it, no one does. But they decorated it with shells. I think it’s beautiful. 

This made me smile. And the smile stretched right across my face, crinkled up my eyes, and made me worry about wrinkles. Only kidding. You won’t worry either, after you’ve seen this.

JT Lawrence wrote this about her travels to a fictional place in KZN and their response to the complaints. I think it’s very funny. Why we shouldn't always believe Trip Advisor.

I don’t quite know why this ballet is funny. But it has its moments. 

This isn't side-splitting (ok, maybe in a different way), but it should make you smile. A proper scientific study (I think!) on the correlation between chocolate consumption and nobel prizes. Maybe that's how Bob Dylan did it? 

Michael McIntyre does it so well. “Americans changing English” 

I'm smiling at this - Mango Groove are making a comeback next month. Yay. Here’s the link. 

We sign out with a gorgeous rendition on the guitar of “Somewhere over the rainbow." It's number eleven actually, but who's counting?

All better now? Yip, me too. That should put you in the mood for the weekend.

Have a good one.


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