Tuesday 11 October 2016

The Underachieving Ovary by JT Lawrence

I'd like to write a review that is in keeping with the style of this book, but I fear I am not as witty, darkly funny, or self aware enough to do it justice. JT Lawrence is all of those things. And she has a wonderful way with words. 

Her "memoir" or ode to infertility - for it only covers that period of her life - is diabolically funny, and tragically despondent. Oh, on the same page? No, in the same %^&$ing sentence.

Some gems...

"I wondered how I would tell Mike...tell him in the most reassuring way that I could that he is married to someone who is harbouring a little (heart-shaped) pocket of Satan."

"I hate telling people about it because they look at me as if I've just spoken in tongues and then licked their face."

I'll stop there - I hate spoilers, and want to give you just enough to make you want more.

Don't read this if you're easily offended by bad language, detailed descriptions of female body parts, told with the most whacky sense of humour. Fun is poked (yes) at everything from the "act of marriage", to the crazy things infertile women have to do (chapter on douching right here) and the early morning appointments with specialists. It's wicked. Hilarious. Brave. Warm. Touching.

I loved this book. I devoured the moments of excruciating pain, terrible sadness, and exhilirating heart-stopping joy. I laughed hysterically and wept dramatically. 

Bravo, JT Lawrence. I trust that this will appeal, not just to those who have walked the same path as you have, but also to those like me, who love to live inside the head of someone else for a few days - to understand their journey and know their highs and lows. That, after all, is what life is about. Thank you for letting me in, it's given me a better understanding.

Bravely brilliantly done.

5 fabulous stars.

ISBN: 9780620716734

You may also enjoy Ms Conception by Pamela Power or anything by Janet Evanovich - here's my review of Four to Score. That reminds me, it's about time I picked up another of those books. Or more from JT - Why You Were Taken and The Memory of Water.


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Elza Reads said...

Yea! I have this one waiting for me at home as soon as we get back from holidays. Love your review, really looking forward to it.