Saturday 22 October 2016

Ten of the Best #68

Good rainy morning from Jozi. We asked for it, and now that it's here, we're grateful, but...Isn't that so typical of us?

Me, I'm walking for organ donation this morning, so hoping it'll stop for just a little tiny bit so I don't get drowned or dripped on.

You, snuggled up in bed, let's take a look at the week that was, well, again a rather dramatic one. This is the place where we recap on all the stuff on social media that we were too busy for. My favourite ten, looted and raided from your entertaining timelines. Thank you all.

We start with the end of the debates. The third and final. Trevor's take. Do I need to warn you about the language and adult content? No, you know? Good.

Michelle Obama calls Trump out. Again. Of course. Here’s a summary, and the full clip. It’s long, but it reminded me why I like this woman. So much. In the context of all Michelle is doing to help fight for equal rights and upliftment, her comments are even more powerful. Click the pic for the article.

The student protests continue. This is a thoughtful piece, and long, but worth a read.

Tom calls through the fog - and tells us we’re almost ready to do something.

In other news, Facebook urges users not to be so gullible. Well they used another adjective, but this is almost a family friendly place. That was after we all saw posts ad nauseam on our timelines telling us that they didn't give Facebook permission, blah blah. The screenshot was in response, which was funny, but if you click it, you’ll get the article about us being fairly gullible.

Coláiste Lurgan is an Irish college that has made a name for itself by translating pop classics into Gaeilge masterpieces. They took ‘Africa’ by Toto and made it even better (which wasn't hard, IMO) As they say in the classics - “I GUARANTEE this will make your day.”

Darrel Bristol-Bovey on a truly embarrassing moment. I loved this article. So well put, and a little about Mansplaining, too.

These Xavi Bou photos. Beautiful.

Poo-pouri anyone? I don't remember EVER laughing so much at a commercial. Seriously, and this product is for real. Because you can’t make this $%^& up?

We're signing out today with Anne Lamott. I love how she writes. And this Facebook post. Well, read it. It made me cry. Lovely stuff.

Want some more? Here's the link to last week.

And here're some more.

Have a wonderful weekend. The sun is out, I'm off to walk.

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