Saturday 8 October 2016

Ten of the Best #66

Good morning tweeples and stargazers and the rest of humanity. It’s been such a busy week. And it shows on our social media. All that stuff we didn't get to watch and read during the week. Well my favourites are here, and I hope this page catches you up, or at least makes you smile.

Grab your coffee, pull up that duvet, let's have some fun.

This is an amazing breakthrough. I love good news like this. Click the picture to read how this 25 year old is changing the world.

I waited for this - who wants to watch 90 minutes, anyway? And it appeared. The spoof of the great 90 minute debate. Only its only 12 minutes. Alec Baldwin is fabulous. And spare a moment for the fabulous line - “Trumped up trickle-down economics” - “right off the stiff red cuffs”. 

The real highlights are almost as funny.

“Welcome to South Africa: where negotiation is subject to competing PR wars, and the ex-apartheid activist becomes the leader of a bunch of rent-a-RoboCops, albeit minus the pepper spray and the weaponry that could lead to a reprise of 1976. Maybe.” 

Richard Poplak is inimitable in #Feesmustfall - why it’s similar to a Trump rally, by Adam Habib and other interesting factoids.

This. Is. Appalling. Just like I’ll never buy another Big Mac, something else to cross off my shopping list - women’s magazines.

James Corden is bringing back boy bands. And he's centre stage. Of course. One comment sums it up so well - “anyone else feel like James Corden is just using his show to live out every desire and fantasy he ever had as a kid?

I loved this. I just diagnosed myself using this blog. A day in the life of a mom with ADD. 

I’ve always been fascinated by the Miss Peregrine books. And desperate to read them. Even though, my teens tell me, they’re not written for me. I know. But I still want to read them. Now the movie’s out. And Tim Burton, wow. Here are some interviews and snippets and below is the trailer. Yes, of course it’s out here in SA too - I checked.

Now this is interesting. The book on the SARS wars. I’m sure if you read it, you’ll have the lowdown. Otherwise read this review for the snippets. Looks like good stuff.

Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”. A whole new take. Brilliantly done. Bravo The Piano Guys.

And we sign off with a young lady’s view on boys' clothes vs girls’ clothes. Couldn't have said it better myself. You go, Daisy.

That's the best ten from my timelines. Thank you to all my friends for sharing them with me. You know who you are. And yes, if it was on your timeline this week, of course I got it from you. Leave me a comment, if you like. And have an awesome Saturday and a great weekend.


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