Monday 17 October 2016

Faces to the Sun

Good morning everyone. It's time to start another week - with the right attitude and with as much energy as we can muster. The only way I can do that is to start with some form of exercise.

And exercise needs a soundtrack. With some words that get our minds ticking, a beat that gets our feet pounding and maybe a few dance moves going? I see that chasse. You go for it.

This song has all of the above. And it's appropriate for those of us going outdoors in SA to exercise. In fact, we'd better finish up with this blog post, because it's getting too warm out there. By 06h30 where I live, the sun is streaming through the trees, and the sky is the cleanest blue, with that hint of crisp cool in the air that won't last long. Breathe it in, and feel the slow burn on your back, your legs.

Faces to the Sun by Mango Groove - listen to the words

We took a slow road to the coast Trying to find a reason for the things that matter most And as our dawn became a blue savannah sky I thought I saw an endless summer in your eyes...

From how we live, to how we die The songs we sing the flags we fly The things we choose to leave behind, the chains of time Woah! A battle lost, a battle won, another journey's just begun And yet when all is said and done we'll turn our faces to the sun.

Here's most of the track.

Wonderful. This makes me smile. I've listened three times today already.

Happy running.

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