Monday 24 October 2016

Shout out

Sometimes it's not about the lovely words, the good feelings, the wonderful effects of getting up early to run. Sometimes it's just about getting out of bed and doing it. Because we always do. And we know why.

That's when you know this is a good habit. You're going anyway, whatever your running partner is doing. Earphones in, you'll get it done this morning. Whatever.

On those days the music is not all that relevant, either. You can move to Justin Timberlake or even Pentatonix. Catchy tune or a good melody, even just a pumpy bass, it'll make you go.

This song is great for that - Shout out to my ex.

The lyrics are completely irrelevant to me, but I love the sass, the way I'll probably sing this all day and the fun video clip.

Hope it gets you out of bed and moving this morning.

See you on the road.

Shout out to all of us running today.


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