Sunday 23 October 2016

In the waiting

Embrace your storm was my mantra a few weeks ago, and while in conversation with friends and family, I realised that there were more than a few affected. These were far worse than previous storms. Harder-hitting, more gut-wrenching and requiring greater courage and perseverance than before.

I wish it weren't so, but in my humble opinion, those storms haven't lifted yet. They may have subsided for a while, giving us a brief respite  - rays of sunshine streaming through the darkness, and making the world unrealistically brighter. But they've returned with an intensity that feels unbearable and we want to give up, drown in the deluge and surrender to the snow.

Not yet. Just wait.

And in the waiting, here is God.

This is the amazing thing about this thing called life that we are all called to live to the best of our ability. We don't do it alone. God didn't ever promise it would be easy. He promised he'd walk this way with us. He promised he'd never forsake us. Sometimes when it gets tough, we get angry, and we walk away from our mainstay, our rock and our anchor.

This time, let's do it differently. Let's turn to the source of unfailing love. Instead of surrendering to the pain, the hurt, the injustice, give up to the one who never let you go. In the midst of the waiting, the digging deep, he is here, waiting with us. He will never, never, never let go.

Find strength in his holding you while you cling on today. Know that God is with you. In everything.

We may fail, we may sin, we may stumble. He doesn't. He's the constant in the change, the solid in the shifting and the anchor in the storm.

This too, will pass.

Here's a song that has encouraged me this week. My prayer is that it does the same for you.

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