Tuesday 2 August 2016

Experience the Impossible by Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson’s book is advertised as an antidote to the difficulties we face in life, giving hope in situations that seem hopeless and detour us away from our dreams. The blurb goes on to say “Weighed down by the impossible, we forget that we have the power of heaven within our grasp--power that can change any situation and overcome every problem.”

Bill Johnson is a fifth generation pastor at Bethel Ministries, in California, which is a thriving congregation, doing a lot to change the world we live in for the better. They are well known for their published worship music and school of ministry - people visit from all over the world to learn the principles they apply.

The book takes us through the gifts of 1 Corinthians 13: faith, hope and love. Bill teaches on practical ideas about these three aspects of Jesus' grace. Each short chapter ends with a prayer and a confession.

I enjoyed it. It reads more like a devotional than a teaching book. The thoughts per chapter are great, each one quick easy to think about during your day. Even better, download the Audible version, and listen to a chapter on your way to work. There are about 80 in all.

Inspirational, motivational and uplifting.

3 stars

ISBN: 9780800796174

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Wayne said...

Inspirational, motivational and uplifting. But then only 3 stars... doesn't sound convincing?