Monday 22 August 2016

Keep Dreaming

This morning, I struggled to disentangle myself from my dreams. And I wondered - what if I didn't? 

This wasn't another of my many ploys to avoid waking up and putting on my running shoes. I had had enough sleep, and was ready to face the day. I just thought - What if I keep dreaming?

Our dreams and visions are powerful. When we're fast asleep, we don't seem to have any control over them. But during the day, what's to stop us dreaming big of better ways to do this amazing thing called life?

This is my plan today - not to "wake up" that much that I get all practical, realistic and sensible about life. To keep creative, energized, with a "maybe I can" attitude. If we dream big, we imagine what a better future could look like. And when you're walking/running/ exercising, it's a perfect time to dream. Your brain has more oxygen, and if you're outdoors, you have the perfect palette of colours and pictures to inspire you. 

And the miles you plod, instead of feeling like forever away, will fly past you as your beautiful mind takes you on journeys you cannot travel on foot.

So join me - let's dream big, aim high, and live better as a result.

Oh, and the music. My muses - Freshly Ground. A South African group who make down to earth yet totally inspirational music. Here's Doo Bee Doo. Listen as you go, and imagine a better world. 

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