Monday 8 August 2016

Winter Wonderland

Good morning all you fitness fanatics. What got you out of bed this morning? The need to move? Never. You can't fool me.

Well, I'm up because I found such a great piece of music to share with you to listen to as you go. 

Where I live, it's the middle of winter. If you're wondering -  that means crisp cool mornings, blue skies that ring with goodness and warm lazy golden sun-baked afternoons before we light a fire in the evening and pour the red wine. No, you're right, it isn't so bad, what am I thinking?

I've been noticing the stark beauty of the trees near me. These pictures were from my early morning walk this morning.  So gorgeous.

The trees have lost most of their leaves, which means the blue, and the golden light sparkles through. Makes walking/running so beautiful. Some trees are still green - that pale shade that looks weak and watery. And there are even a few blossoms, if you look hard enough, starting to bud.

And that soundtrack I can't wait to share? I'm so glad you asked.  I discovered this a cappella mash-up (two of my favourite words right there) of Pentatonix. Yes, of course it's Winter Wonderland. But it's also Don't Worry, be Happy. Perfection.

Take a listen. And then you can take a run and listen again. Even if it's mid-summer where you are, I figure this may help you cope. With all that warmth. It's velvety and tinkly and a gorgeous arrangement. Enjoy.

Take a listen to last week - right here.

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Elza Reads said...

I love mash-ups! This one is great!