Tuesday 16 August 2016

Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris

This is one of those books that you want to devour in a single sitting. BA Paris has done well to create a story and plot that leave you desperate to find out what happens next.

As the title suggests, all is not as cosy as it seems in Jack and Grace Angel's perfect marriage.

He is a lawyer, specialising in defending female victims of domestic violence. She has given up her career to marry him. Her sister, Millie, has Down's Syndrome, and Grace is delighted that Jack has accepted the fact that she feels so responsible for Millie's happiness.

I wish publishers would stop comparing books, because then reviewers wouldn't have to point out how wrong they are. Let me say this is no  The Girl on the Train. 

It also doesn't get off to a great start - there were a few moments where I found the writing repetitive and another round of edits would have been a good idea, However, as you realise how different things are on the other side of that door, there is only one outcome you root for, and the plot doesn't exactly twist to get there. It's a thriller, and eerie and chilling.

There is plenty of tension, great evil lurking (almost too perfect in its intensity) and enough pace and drama to keep those pages turning until the very end. By which stage I was no longer concerned about writing style.

A great 3.5 star read, but I'm rounding up because it's a debut and because it is easily differentiated from those other books that publishers like to use for comparisons.

4 stars


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