Tuesday 23 August 2016

The Last Photograph by Emma Chapman

Emma Chapman’s second novel, The Last Photograph tells the back story of Rook Henderson - an award winning photographer who carries Vietnam and the agony of all that living life behind the lens with him. Always.

Now he has to add dealing with his wife June’s death to his burden. His son Ralph looks to him for comfort and attention.

Beautifully written, there are nuggets on almost every page - “In the darkness, it is easier to be thrown back into the past”, and “There was the smell too, of things growing.”

However, I had almost no connection with any of the characters. The plot, which was told in reverse, was quite ordinary and unsurprising. Although I appreciated the gorgeous prose, and the detailed research and insight into Rook’s life, it was a let down in terms of enjoyment and satisfaction. Beautiful - yes. Evocative - certainly. Memorable - maybe not.

2 stars

ISBN: 9781509816545

You may also enjoy Finding Jack by Gareth Crocker - also about Vietnam, or what about Blue Shoe by Anne Lamott?

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