Friday 26 August 2016

Ten of the Best of the Olympics

I know, I know. The closing ceremony has been done and dusted. Everyone is back home where they belong (especially glad that the whining 800m girls have stopped getting airtime). We are all able to get on with our lives and there are so many more hours in the day now that the 2016 Olympics is over.

But, nostalgia. Let's take a moment. For the great moments. 

First there was the Boks' send off of the SA team.

The obligatory mugging story...

The debate about why Caster shouldn't participate, which isn't scientific.

Simone Biles won some medals for gymnastics, and gracefully put adoption centre stage. Here's the wonderful story. 

Then all the commentary started. 

There was this...

And why we don't have Irish commentary, ever. The irony is, whoever put the video up, spelt Olympics, Olymics. Limp, that. Turns out it was all a big joke, after all. Not even Rio. Watch the clip, if you haven't, it's funny.

And then came Wayde - Wonderful Wayde.

And then Caster did too. So perfectly. 

To sum it all up - the best pictures from the Olympics. Which is your favourite?

And finally, I loved this commentary from Darrell Bristol-Bovey. Why the games are biased, actually. For all us couch potatoes.

And the bonus - the Aussie commentary on the diving. Very funny. Language warning, however.

That sums it up. See you bright and early tomorrow for the usual Ten.

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