Wednesday 24 August 2016

Cheat's Chicken Schnitzel

Week 4 of the current eating regime - no dairy, no wheat or many carbs, no seeds or nuts. Mainly protein and vegetables. And did I mention sugar and alcohol? No? That's because there is none of that either.

It's about now that I start trawling shops looking for versions of food I can eat - like pasta (found this), bread (I can eat 100% rye), and anything to flavour my food that isn't turmeric and masala and coconut cream.

While I was dusting off old recipes, I found this one in the recesses of my mind - when I'd had my initial foray into the low sodium world.

You know when the rest of the family gets burgers for dinner? And you could just have one. Doesn't have to be a takeaway version, a home cooked one will do. And chicken is fine, because who needs mince anyway?

Here's how to make the chicken strips/schnitzels/burgers in a really healthy way.

You need: chicken fillets, cut into strips if you want, homemade tomato sauce (or the low sodium version, or even just a tin of tomatoes, liquidized), mustard (also lo-so), mayonnaise (homemade is best), garlic/onion powder, some fresh/dried herbs of your choice and a few Ry-vita biscuits, crushed into fine crumbs.

Mix the ingredients (except chicken and crumbs) into a paste - I used 6T of tomato sauce, 1T of mustard 1T of mayo and a teaspoon of the powder and herbs (I used oreganum) each. Coat the chicken pieces in the paste, and then in the crumbs. Place on an oil-sprayed oven tray, and bake at 180 degrees for 15 minutes - turning them ten minutes in.

Now cut open a bread roll (I found some baked with almond flour at Jacksons), and serve your chicken burger with a slice of tomato and piece of crispy lettuce.

And feel good, because being on diet doesn't mean you have to miss out on everything.

The original version of this used baked quinoa, not crumbed crackers, but that's too much effort for me - it's here on, which is a great site for adapting recipes - being creative and staying healthy.

I'm off to find a different recipe for tomorrow night - we can't have burgers again.

More recipes.

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