Thursday 25 August 2016

Wasted by Mark Winkler

"My name is Nathan Lucius. I sleep with the light on." are the only words on the back cover blurb of this book. These are also the opening words of the novel.

At last, a book promoted without spoilers. Long reviews (a little ironic, as the book is a mere 61217 words according to the cover), but no spoilers. Great.

What else do you need to know about Nathan Lucius? He is a damaged soul. He is different. Yet Mark Winkler obviously loves him, and so did I.

Remarkable, since I don't think I am the book's target market. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. It was soul baring, shocking, very honest and ultimately heart wrenching. Set in Cape Town, Nathan narrates us through the mess that is his life. It reads like non fiction - a memoir. The short sentences and present tense create an atmosphere that is congruent with the unfolding of who Nathan is. The pacing is good, and you can finish the 187 pages in an afternoon. You may not want to, however.

4 stars


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