Saturday 27 August 2016

Ten of the Best #60

Good morning everyone. How was your week? Glad it's over? Me too.

Let's have a moment of sleepy silence for the wonderful weekend. Where we can lie around, turn off our phones, read, enjoy the sunshine, watch some sport, and just goof off. No work, no pressure.

But before we get there, let's just check what we may have missed on social media this week. Ten more minutes, and we're done - then your phone can be turned off for the rest of the weekend.

Here's what I saw, and saved to read later. Click the pictures for the links, and use your back button on your browser to come back for more. 

We will start with some newsy stuff. Good news there was this week. Mostly from home. The blue light brigades are stopping, and there was this speech from the leader of the DA.

And then that open letter to Lynsey not-so-Sharp, the sorest loser at the Rio Olympics.

I loved these pictures. Getting me in the mood for a holiday. Wild horses. So beautiful. 

The music. It’s an oldie. It’s a goodie. I adore this song. And it has to be sung by a choir. This is a great rendition. Bravo, Andre Rieu 

I apologize in advance. This is one of the longest clips I have ever posted. And it has my all time worst comedy in it - they laugh. At themselves. You’d think that makes it not funny. Well, in this case it works. So well, I didn't mind the length, and I found myself more and more drawn into the quirky humor. Enjoy. 

This week, we're showcasing all my favourite things. Next? Coffee. What it does to you, and all the amazing effects it has.

Some more humour. Bill Bryson is being serialised in The Daily Mail. Here, he reveals why British people are the happiest on earth, while on a visit to Bournemouth.

Guess the real names of the books, when given their working titles. This is difficult, I think I failed it.

And a lovely piece of writing - how to love the girl with anxiety.

The best advice from the literary world...

That's my ten. And now my weekend can begin.

In case you missed it - The Olympian Ten.

And a link to last week's Ten.

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