Monday 1 August 2016

Let's go, Tiger

Ever have those days you need to dig really deep? Today's that day for me. I'm not really feeling it.

It's cold, the bed's warm, and running feels too far to reach.

That's why we do this together. You can't do it alone. When you're struggling, I'm saying "Come on, let's do this." When I'm struggling... well I've got to listen carefully for the reasons why.

So should we go over them? 

It's so good for our brains - running literally lights us up from the inside.
Keeping fit keeps us healthy and strong, so we can live happy and long.
We de-stress as we go - letting go of the bad, and breathing in the good, the new, the fresh.

OK, I'm starting to feel it.

But what on earth are we going to sing as we go? I'm all out of music. There's rubbish on all the 2016 running playlists, and it feels like we have done all the good stuff - Youth, Run, Send my love, even Fire. All so last week and the week before...

Time for a golden oldie. To get our feet tapping and our heart beating. Don't laugh. Yes, it's corny, but  it worked for Rocky Balboa. 

Are you with me? Find somewhere to run, and kill it today. I'm going to.

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