Friday 5 August 2016

Ten of the Best #57

Can you believe it? - 57 and still counting.

I'm getting a wee bit suspicious... I've noticed that you guys (my friends whose timelines I see) are posting excellent, funny  and oh so cute things on a Friday. Too much. Hoping you'll see your post right here? Watch out - I may have to do a 20 of the best, and then you'll eat into breakfast time (ha ha) because you spend too long reading this post.

For the newbies, this is the weekly roundup of what I enjoyed on social media. Started selfishly... I never had time during the week to watch a video to the end/ read an article properly/ go and check out that link. And I discovered that Saturday morning is peak wifi speed in our house. (My personal theory is that teenagers sleep in on a Saturday, so don't hog all the bandwidth.) So this is the perfect time to catch up. Problem is, I have to keep my eyes open on a Friday night until the list is done, and that is getting harder. Oh well, let's see if we make 60, shall we?

But here's the list for this week...

We had our own local government elections (LGE) this week.
And the tallies are being completed as I type. But it seems that the ANC, the 60% majority ruling party has lost a lot of ground. Not a bad thing, according to most. I liked this post, from Steven Sidley - because maths, you know. Click the Zapiro pic for the article.

And in the aftermath of the LGE, Richard Poplak has a go at Helen Zille, Donald Trump and Zuma. But mostly Helen Zille. Another Zapiro - sorry, I do love the man's work.

I have visited Turkey and loved the beauty. I was astonished to find that there are often parallels drawn between Turkey and SA, because although I think there are a few similarities, I'd never heard them expressed from a South African before. Darrell Bristol-Bovey wrote Talking Turkey about SA - about the two countries. I think he's spot on. 

Ok, enough South Africanisms, let's go to the US of A. Where Trump is. I loved this NYTimes article - The Theology of Donald Trump.

This clip made my day. I need to keep it on my phone, so I can watch it when the day goes to pot.

I know Kelley Thorrington is a favourite of yours. I enjoy her too. Did you know she went to Leipzig?

The Book Post - well it's gotta be the Booker Longlist. It's out people. How many have you read? None? Me neither. But there is one of them in the pile next to my bed, that is going to beat me up one night after I've fallen asleep drooling on their friend.

I really enjoyed this article - "What this week showed me about women." Are the times finally a-changin'? Sorry about the picture - I couldn't resist...

Ok, last two. This one - calling your kid's bluff. Very funny.

One piano. Eight hands. Do I need to say any more? Full post, with description of composer and details here. Else see below for the clip.

Take a bow, everyone. Thank you. No - thank you.

See you all next week.

Here's last week.



Elza Reads said...

I enjoy this post of yours so much Bev! Election jokes, my favourite: the ANC's numbers dropped so significantly even Zuma can read them. Happy weekend!!

Bev Bouwer said...

Loved that one too. Thanks for the visit and happy weekend to you too.