Wednesday 12 April 2017

The Trust Factor by Paul Zak

The Trust Factor explores why some workplaces struggle with toxic cultures, by opening the door to the factors that enhance and build the most important contributor to a corporate environment - Trust

"When someone shows you trust, a feel-good jolt of oxytocin surges through your brain and triggers you to reciprocate. This simple mechanism creates a perpetual trust-building cycle—the key to changing stubborn workplace patterns."

Looking at the effects of making inexpensive changes - grouped under the acronym OXYTOCIN - Paul and his team present loads of examples and case studies on how things can change at work when the right behaviours are encouraged.

It all seems too simple, really. At 256 pages, quite a lot of this book is the footnotes and papers that are quoted. It's worth a quick read. You probably know most of these things instinctively, but you'll ask yourself why, if this is so simple and so worthwhile, more corporates don't operate like this?

An inspiring book.


You may also enjoy The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis or Green Giants by E Freya Williams

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