Friday 7 April 2017

Ten of the Best #87

Well well well. Here we are again. The first week of April done and dusted. And here, to wrap it all up are the favourites from my social media feeds. You know, those face book posts you scrolled past and didn't even "like", the videos that just circled and circled without loading, so you moved on, and those articles that were just way too long to read. 

The best of them, here in one place. We do this on a Saturday morning, just for fun. So grab your coffee, snuggle up and let's begin.

Let's start in America, shall we? And Sean Spicer's kindergarten class, thanks to Trevor Noah.

We'll stay here a little longer. And watch what Jesus said to Pious Paul (Ryan). You don't have to be a Christian to enjoy this one.

And then there was THAT Pepsi ad. Come on guys, that sort of thing doesn't happen in the USA. Well, clearly, it does. Here's what Martin Luther King's daughter had to say. The article also has a link to the ad, in case you missed the whole thing.

Friday 7th April was a protest day in SA. It hasn't been our best year, but in true SA spirit, we took our colourful selves out and onto the streets, to stand together for a better country. For all. There will be more, but these are the early pictures in. Click on the one of the Arch doing his thing in Hermanus for some more.

In case you're wondering why we did it? Here's the summary from Mr Poplak. Click the Zapiro.

Ok, what else was new? The Nandos ad. Have you seen it? Here you go. Reminding us about our SA diversity.

There's got to be a book post, and here are our favourite quotes from children's books. Enjoy.

This made me giggle. A wife and mother goes to work. And then she gets these texts from her husband. How she does any work is beyond me. But the story is quite cute.

James Corden did what he does best this week. Diva-ing. With Demi Lovato. Such a fun clip.

And this, this made me laugh so much. I think I've watched it five times already. You should too. Then you should try it on someone else. Just like she did.

That's all for today. Have a super weekend. See you all next week.

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