Saturday 29 April 2017

Ten of the Best #90

Here we are at Number 90. When I started this little blogging adventure, I didn't ever imagine that I'd ever make 100 posts, never mind that I'm going to get to the 100th of these posts.

We'll have to have ourselves a little partay on that day, don't you think?

Anyhoo, as we tumble over the big 9-0 precipice, we're still rocking the ten of the best from your social media feeds every week. Thank you all so much for sharing. I love to raid your timelines and then repeat them here, so we can binge read on a Saturday morning.

It's been another week. Where shall we begin? 

A few pictures tell a great story - the best signs from the science march. Yes there was a science march. Don't even tell me you missed it!

You may also have missed the fact that Rachel Dolezal was in SA. You did? Lucky you. On second thoughts, don't even read this article. Move right along. But seriously, this picture of her below puts everything in perspective, for me. Yip, that's her, right there. Yes, she did have a hard time here. 

The march statistics are in. And they're interesting. Here's who marched on the 7th April, and why. From a sample survey. Now I know statistics can lie, but I was there, and in this case, the story rings true. Very.

This article about a book, on what girls need was depressing, but also true. Looks good.

Ok, let's read something else. Library signs, from clever , very clever librarians

There was a glut of pictures this week. Ever heard of Pareidolia? Pare-what what? Pictures of things that look like faces. You know, the light in the dentist chair, that as you are becoming unconscious, looks eerily like a face - the handles are its ears, the lights are... oh never mind, take a look at these.

Here's a  little cat video that is so sad, it's happy. "Do we get to keep it?" I laughed and cried, and hated and loved it. Does anyone else wonder how parents keep the phone filming in these moments? I couldn't. I'd be chucking it down, and hugging the kid. 

Got some time? Of course you do, you're here to read, and relax, and enjoy life today. So read this article. It's about this beautiful country of ours. It's about embracing diversity, and coming together, and belonging. I enjoyed it. Take your time. It's long, but good. Sisonke Msimang.

Ok, time for a musical interlude, don't you think? Anne Hathaway, James Corden, in a RomCom featuring 10 of the favourite love songs. All this in slightly more than 5 minutes. Made my day.

We'll sign out with this surprise. Adele Roberts decided to run the London Marathon for Heads Together, in support of mental health. They looked around for celebrities to talk about this, and guess who they found? It's a long clip, which I didn't have the perseverance for, but it's worth watching to about 5 minutes in.

What are you doing still here? That's it. Ten...of the best. Count. It. Out.

Ok, ok, Pentatonix have a  new one. Can't Help Falling in Love. It's Mellow. And so weekend.

Off you go. Enjoy everyone.

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