Thursday 13 April 2017

Our Fathers by Karin Brynard

Inspector Beeslaar, a detective who Karin Brynard's readers will know from previous novels, is in Stellenbosch - a wealthy town that had its origins in wine farming and is famous for the gabled Cape-Dutch houses and beautiful mountains surrounding it. His good friend has passed away. And then there is a murder - the beautiful wife of a millionaire is found in her home, brutally killed. The feisty and fiery Captain Vuyokazi Qhubeka wants him to stay and assist.

Beeslaar's partner, Sergeant Ghaap, is chasing car thieves and kidnappers far north in Soweto. He's not in his hometown either, and clearly out of his depth. A mother and son are kidnapped, and this may be his chance to shine, or continue failing dismally - no pressure. He also needs Beeslaar, now.

These two stories will come together, you can tell. It's initially a challenge to keep track of the different plots, but it does become easier, as the action builds. The characters are great, the plot is wonderful, the action is fast and furious, but there is just a little too much detail and drama, turning a pleasure into a bit of a plod, and slowing things down.

I did enjoy my first Karin Brynard novel, and I'm sure some readers will avow that they need the 500 or so pages, because they revel in every word. I could have done with fewer.

3 stars

ISBN: 9781415206928

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