Sunday 6 November 2016

The Fairest

It's been a beautiful week.

I had a birthday, and was totally spoilt. Surprised, shocked and then blown away with amazement at the generosity of friends, family and especially my nearest and dearest.

And that makes me feel totally and utterly showered in love and grace - undeserving, yet grateful and humbled.

Those who know me well understand how words can move me. So it was that they let their minds and pens and fingers on keyboards be completely inspired. In my direction. What a treat. I am still feasting on all the wonderful images in my mind  - the smiles, the tears of love and joy that entered my world. They float like a cloud around me, and  I feel like Snow White in the forest, when the enchanted animals come close. I know her delight at a squirrel eating from her hand, and want to inhale that white rose scent so hard that it becomes a part of me forever.

I realise how lucky I am.

It got me thinking about worship. The fragrance of those special times spent with God. Outside in the mountains, at the seashore, and in a sun streamed building, hands raised with some of His people, the air filled with voices, emotion and the closeness, the tenderness, the presence.

I wish I could stream some of that to you now. Instead, I'll share a hymn that captures just a little bit. It's Amy Grant's rendition of Fairest Lord Jesus. I love everything about this hymn - the words, the melody, and especially the lovely harmonies - both vocal and in this guitar arrangement. It's gorgeous.

I hope it brightens your day. And that you find a Snow White moment too.

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