Saturday 12 November 2016

Ten of the Best #71

What a week that was. Aren't we all so glad it's over? On with life, hopefully with some grace, love, beauty, truth. Because we all need little more of that.

This is a cheetah speed ten of the best of what I saw on my social media feeds, because I had way too much fun (and wine) last night (don't look at me like that - Trump, Leonard Cohen, no vote of no confidence in Zuma) and I'm going for a walk soon, so let's do this people.

So where do we begin?

Probably Trump. I liked this article by Steven Boykey Sidley on the election. If you click one of the many memes I saw on the topic, you'll have his perspective on why.

And here's the worst fairy tale of them all. Told by Benedict Cumberbatch.

We need to all get out the old safety pins, and spread more love than hate, tolerance over the bigotry, and stand up for what humanity should be. 

In SA too, our leader doesn't define who we are. Hasn't for years. And we're still trying to make him go. Difficult, that. America may need a few Thulis. You can't have her, you already took Trevor Noah. Here's a Dear Mr President letter by Nape Masipa. Good stuff.

Where do we go for comfort? Here are the television shows and movies we watch, apparently. Some ideas for you?

And what about some music? Don't mind if I do. Not Leonard Cohen (sob). But some amazing grace. And beauty.

A little humour - Don't make fun of renowned author Dan Brown...

This is beautiful. And it's nature. And Julia Roberts and her friends. Feeling better yet?

I loved this recitation of The Journey, by David Whyte.

Anybody else agree with me that Emma Watson is the perfect Belle? Take a look at these pics from the Beauty and the Beast movie to be released next year.

Thats our ten. Have an awesome weekend. See you here next week.

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