Saturday 5 November 2016

Ten of the Best #70

So much to write about and read  this week, I don't know how we slept at night. Oh, you didn’t, much? Me neither. The week that was a history maker, a page turner, the new psychological thriller with the twist you won't see coming hat everyone is talking about... And that's just here in SA. No trumps.

I liked Bruce’s list on Monday, and Monday will also be remembered as the day that Shaun Abrahams dropped all charges against Pravin Gordhan. Wednesday, however, was the day of the week, the tipping point, the turning circle, the proverbial straw. Of course it was. Wednesday was a very good day.

Click Zapiro for some more news.

On Wednesday just before 5, all hell broke loose with the release of the State of Capture report. Here’s some background. So powerful. The moment called for more Zapiro. Yes, of course there's another Marianne Thamm article, if you go there.

In case you didn't know what (sic) means? (I too, wondered for years) here’s the definitive answer from our grammar post.

But back to Wednesday - Thuli is our hero. Always.

Steven Boykey Sidley is great at putting words to the thoughts of a (previously rainbow) nation. 

Of course, you can’t believe everything the internet tells you. Here’s how that works…

This is dinkum though. There is really a shebeen in Saxonwold. Brian Molefe says so. And that’s why he was visiting two blocks from the Guptas, where their offices are, because their house only takes up one block. And no one knows that. Or that their offices are Sahara ...,,,never mind. We all believe what we want to anyway.

Ernest Hemingway’s 15 things has been on my timeline forever. I finally read it, and giggled my a off. Very amusing.

And here’s one of those internet stories you should check out on Snopes. Or not, because it doesn't really matter. The parrot who snitched on the cheating husband. It's always true if the parrot says so. Even on the internet.

Home Free’s How Great Thou Art little mash up with It is well. No words.

Yes, yes, there is a bonus post. I shared so many posts on the wonderfullest Wednesday ever, that I would feel I cheated you if there wasn't an extra today. It's a little naughty, but very funny. Jane and Arlene.

Happy weekend everyone.

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