Saturday 26 November 2016

Ten of the Best #73

73 and counting... the ten things from my social media feeds that I didn't read this week, but they're too good to ignore completely, so I go back to find them, and then I post them right here. And share them with you, because I'm generous that way.

But wow, that's a lot of times I've done this.

And goodness, there were a lot to choose from this week.

We'll start with the children's letters to Trump. Children have always written to the President, to tell him their feelings. Here they go - click the picture, and come back for more.

Then there was that moment when Obama reminded us what Ellen did. I still weep when I see this picture.

And we're all left wondering whether the US President-Elect will ever do anything like that? Or even read the letters the children send? And so Dan Rather sounds the alarm. Heard a lot like this.

And in SA, we are also sounding alarms, writing lists, ringing bells, but it doesn't feel like anyone is listening. Sipho Speaks.

And then there's this powerful article on how women need to keep speaking up too, and men need to listen.

The Importance of fact checking... because anger, violence, you know...

But you don't need to check if you're writing fictional TV, it seems. The Ten things that the Simpsons predicted, that actually were true. Including Trump.

Only three do I choose? The struggle is real, people. Ok, here's Freddie - it was the 25 year anniversary of his death. Yes, really. And if you said "Freddie who?", you need to check this out. As a history lesson, you know.

And then Cher updates the words of her and Sonny's famous hit to "I got you Bae".

We sign out with this - the four year old wisdom and love that leads the way.

Happy weekend everyone. Spread some love and kindness, we may be running out soon!

Here's the link to last week.

And some more Tens.

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