Wednesday 15 November 2017

What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton

I am always interested when an author reads an audiobook him/herself. It feels more personal, and I'm the kind of person who likes the fact that they can inject their own meaning and intentions into their creation.

So when I saw that Hillary Rodham Clinton read What Happened, it was tempting. Yes, all 18 or so hours.

I loved the beginning. Her account of her life, her faith, why she ran for office. It was better than I expected, and very interesting. I also liked how personal the story was, and was fascinated to hear how Hillary interacted with her staff, her team and what a day in the life of a presidential candidate was like.

But niggling me at the back of my mind was this tiny little question - "Yes, but 18 hours. Really? Is it going to take that long to tell this story?"

And it was too long. And on Audible, you can't really skip parts you think are going to be dull. Well you can, but it isn't as easy. And I didn't. And I should have. 

I thought at the beginning of the book - the first few chapters - that she'd processed her disappointment and was able to look back with perspective and clarity, and be honest about what went wrong. By the end, I was less sure. Partly because of how very long we spent on things like the emails, the FBI and the Russians.

But take a read for yourself, it's a fascinating story. Maybe the physical or soft copy of the book, so you can skip ahead at will.


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ISBN: 9781501175565

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