Wednesday 8 November 2017

Friend Request by Laura Marshall

What do you do with friend requests on Facebook? Check them out, right? Don't just accept. What if they're dead under suspicious circumstances? What then?

This is the premise of Laura Marshall's first novel Friend Request. And it sucks you in from the very first page. 

Don't you love the cover?

Louise is a single mom to four year old adorable Henry. She's running her interior design business when Maria Weston asks to be her friend. This is awkward, as Louise was never friends with her at school - she was too busy trying to be best friends with Sophie and her popular friends. And none of those girls wanted to be Maria's friend.  Except Louise, but she didn't try hard enough. Oh and also, Maria died on prom night. Weird, right?

There is also a school reunion coming up and Sophie is going. Will Louise? And who will she meet there, and how will she hide from the guilt of what happened when she meets those people again 25 years later?

This was suspenseful, a page turner of note, had a great plot - enough to keep me guessing - and a satisfying conclusion.

I enjoyed it immensely and especially liked the way it was grounded in reality - the drama and anxious moments felt true to life. The writing was really good too and if you like psychological suspense, look out for this one.

4 stars

You may also enjoy Black-eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin, or Jane Casey's Let the Dead Speak or Emma Curtis's One Little Mistake.


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