Tuesday 21 November 2017

My Husband's Wife by Jane Corry

Lily is newly married to Ed. She's a lawyer, and she is determined to make things work. This is tricky, because her latest client is Joe, a convicted murderer, to whom she feels strangely drawn. Carla is nine, lives in the same apartment block as Lily and Ed with her mom, who is often not around, even when she is.

Ed is a struggling artist, but he is struck by Carla's beauty and he sketches her. Small white easy lies early on in all these lives become secrets that take on lives of their own. The story then jumps forward a number of years - Carla is all grown up and Lily and Ed's situation has changed substantially. But the deception and intrigue are not over yet.

This is an interesting story. Mostly about relationships. The fascinating peep we get into all these lives feels unsettling - perhaps because none of these characters is very likeable. And that's not because they're flawed, or struggling, they're just nasty. It feels voyeuristic looking in, in a creepy kind of way. The plot has twists and turns a-plenty, but not being invested in the characters makes me less involved, and therefore distanced.

I've also read Blood Sisters by the same author, and I think that is a better book. I'm not sure about this one. 

2.5 stars

ISBN: 9780735220959


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