Saturday 4 November 2017

Ten of the Best #105

I'm not really doing this. I've stopped hosting Ten of the Best. It takes up too much of my weekend, and I'm tired of it. But this week, well, look what I found.

Zuma and his gangsters - how do we get rid of him? Raymond Suttner weighed in and wrote this - click the Zapiro of the cronies for the article.

Real protest art - this story of how James Gubb did it is fascinating. This is a stock chart, everyone.

Trump on Twitter - there was quite a lot this week, so I was spoilt for choice, but this I liked. Michael Moore, taking him down.

Xennials, you're a newly identified generation. Here you go. The blog is behind the pic.

Can your diet cause depression? Hell yes, I'm depressed every time I diet. But that's any restricted food diet. This is interesting.

If by some miracle the kids are out and I can get onto Netflix, the tragedy is I have no idea what to watch. I spend hours trawling through stuff I'm not interested in, and then I fall asleep. I'm saving this for some ideas - mostly from books, which probably makes them better.

Evil Brands - I need this book. To remind me why I don't need brands. Actually I don't need it for that reason - because I don't really buy brands. I need it for stories at dinner time.

Bravo Burger King. I don't  think I've ever cried in an advert before, but this one, yes. Yes I did. It's amazing. Watch to the end. Still not buying Burger King, but advertising, this is how it's done.

Another ad - the bid video for SA for the RWC2023. I didn't even know we were up for it. We're on the shortlist, people.

These Irish lasses dance to Ed Sheeran's Shape of You, and then some other music. Lovely stuff.

And the bonus post. Warning, it's long. But lovely. Sam Smith in Corden's carpool karaoke. Such beautiful music. All those harmonies - filled my soul.

Well that was easy. Thanks everyone for filling me up with such good content. Have an awesome weekend.

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