Saturday 25 November 2017

Ten of the Best #108

It's finally the weekend, and here we are, doing what we do best. Trawling our timelines for the funny, the amusing, the make you think stuff that we didn't have time to catch in the week. It was a good one - I had so much fun compiling my Ten of the Best.

I liked this article by Marelise van der Merwe. How SAns have chutzpah in truckloads. Pity the famous ones use theirs with gay abandon - but what if some of us others did too? Click the Zapiro.

Two Science truths, apparently. I'm much more inclined to believe one of them than the other...

Guilty dogs - say no more. Don't look either.

 I really enjoy Barbra. So here she is on Ellen.

P!nk and Kelly Clarkson perfromed  Everbody hurts at the American Music Awards - this feels timely, beautiful and right.

Tea ! You know what, you can have coffee, wine, even chocolate, but don't say these things about tea. Check your brands, people.

Some great gadgets that may come our way...

Margaret Atwood has become one of my favourite authors this year. Here's the stuff she says, just like that.

And we're playing out with Jennifer Hudson and Pentatonix performing How great thou art - they nailed this one. Totally.

Have a wonderful, happy thanksgiving weekend.


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