Monday 13 November 2017

There's nothing holdin' me back

So what's stopping you today? The sun is up, the day is perfect, the streets are paved with purple, the coffee (at the end) is waiting. Let's go.

Running - or exercise of any form - is actually easier when there is a hurdle to overcome. Like you've got a race you're training for, and you have to put in the hours, or there's a story on the way, and if you don't go now, you'll get caught in the rain, or there is a busy week ahead, so you've got to take this opportunity. Sometimes, when it's too easy, you just think - hey, I'll go tomorrow. But I know, you see, tomorrow may not be that easy... things happen, and then you can't run.

So take the moment, put on your running shoes, and get out there before you think too hard about why tomorrow may be better. Tomorrow is not today, and tomorrow, whatever happens, you'll be sorry you didn't run today. You know I'm right.

Besides, I've got some great music for you as you go. It's Shaun Mendes' There's Nothing Holdin' me Back. Ok, now you'll go. Me too.

See you all next Monday.

You take me places that tear up my reputation
Manipulate my decisions
Baby, there's nothing holdin' me back

There's nothing holdin' me back
There's nothing holdin' me back

'Cause if we lost our minds
And we took it way too far
I know we'd be alright,
I know we would be alright

If you were by my side
And we stumbled in the dark
I know we'd be alright,
We would be alright


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