Saturday 30 April 2016

Ten of the Best #43

Hello everyone. And welcome to ANOTHER long weekend. So glad you stopped by. We don't have a Monday on Monday. Isn't that a great feeling? And the party starts now. With a catch up of those posts you didn't have time for during the week. The long articles, the video clips that you couldn't view in that meeting, because you were supposed to be concentrating, and you were hoping no one realised how bored you were. Well, I've collected my ten favourites. Just click the pictures for the links.

I hope you find something that you haven't seen before, something interesting and something that is fun to watch. 

Let's start with Suzelle. Some of her DIY specials are not as funny as others. This is short, and so sweet - featuring bananas, caramel, popcorn and Jan-Hendrik. Enjoy.

While we are on the subject of DIY -this little clip just cracked me up - how to open a beer with just a cucumber...

Did you know that pianist's brains were different from everyone else's?
Well they are. And this justifies all those piano lessons, moms. This post has a few video clips - please don't miss the last one - it's Yuja Wang playing Flight of the Bumble Bee and it is quite brilliant. 

The so-cute-I-nearly-cried wildlife clip of the week - a deer is rescued by a crane operator. This would make my day if I were a crane operator. 

The Grammar post - for those who don't realise that you CAN start a sentence with a conjunction. This is good.

The 20 apartheid references we would rather forget, but probably shouldn't. It's hard to believe that these were said during this century.

All our shenanigans in SA of late have had an upside - there have been some excellent pieces of writing about the dismal state of affairs. This, by Richard Poplak, on the ANCYL contains some absolute gems. My favourite - 

"These fake young with their fake anger will, however, be eaten by the real young with their real rage. I’m not sure whether it’s a law of science, but it’s a rule of thumb for revolutionary politics: the really pissed off end up carrying the day." 
Good stuff, and worth a read.

On the lighter side, these toddlers, in a thing called "toddlerogrophy" teach James Corden and Jenna Dewan Tatum how it's done.

This gives a new meaning to the ultimate BnB. All the way from Japan. Fantastic! There's even a waiting list. Love it. 

And lastly, I know we've had some classical music already, but this is too delicious. David Garrett and orchestra play "Summer" from The Four Seasons. Violins. Vivaldi. Enjoy.

On that high note, happy long weekend to you.

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