Monday 18 April 2016

Monday Motivation #10

Good morning! It's Monday again, and that time of the week you may need a little motivation to get you going. I know I do. That's why we turn to music. It inspires us to get moving, and moving is good.

As the weather in the Southern Hemisphere starts to get cooler in the mornings, getting out of bed is that much more difficult. No excuses for anyone else.

Sometimes it is better to not overthink exercising. Just start the process. (Insert slogan from your favourite sporting shoes/apparel here). Put on the outfit, don the shoes, have the morning beverage, and get out there, before you can convince yourself that there are plenty of other things that you could do with your time. Like more sleep, for instance.

Even better if you only really "wake up" when it's all over. Hence my choice of music - It's Avicii - Wake me up (when it's all over). I've chosen an instrumental version though, because I think it's awesome. Enjoy - and if you are outdoors, please open the eyes enough that you don't get knocked over by the aggressive driver trying to get to the office first today.

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