Monday 4 April 2016

Monday Motivation #8

Good Morning all you early birds.

Need a bit of inspiration to get out of bed and get moving this morning? Me too.

It's been a long time for me of not being able to exercise and be free to just put my shoes on and go for a long run. We take this all for granted when we are able to, but let me just remind you - you are so lucky that you can get up and run/cycle/do crossfit/yoga/pilates/gym workout/whatever else you feel like doing today. It really sucks when your body or doctor won't let you.

So today our inspiration to move, and enjoy the moving comes from our 80s friends - Freddie Mercury and Queen.

I've had a really rough time of not being able to do much, so when my dear doctor told me last week to do whatever my body allowed me to, and start living life again, I could have hugged him. Ok, so I'm not running marathons yet, but I can get out of bed and walk and feel the fresh morning air on my face and be glad to be alive.

This song just encapsulates how I feel about life this week. Don't Stop me Now.

Hope you enjoy it too.

Happy Monday

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