Monday 11 April 2016

Monday Motivation #9

On Mondays, we find some music to start our day on the right footing - especially those of us who are going for a run, or a walk. Music gets us going, and up and ready for the week.

Is it just me, or are there songs that form a little soundtrack to your life? The backdrop to what is going on, with the repeat function switched on, so that it doesn't matter what you are doing, you are singing in your head. Loudly.

It's not just when you hear a song and can't stop repeating it. It's also when something happens, that makes you think of a song, and you sing it - hopefully not aloud - because it is so relevant. Maybe some examples will help. Bear with me, some of these are old - my music heritage is mostly from the 80s.

Smooth Operator - by Sade - sung to the back of the person who just schmoozed his/her way into the conversation and managed to be witty, clever and convincing and leave without really saying anything.

Shout, shout let it all out  - by Tears for Fears. I have often sung this one when someone makes me so angry I want to scream - Come on, I'm talking to you, Come on!

Ok - here's a more recent one  - Taylor Swift's songs are often appropriate - how about "I knew you were trouble when you walked in."? Work for anyone in your life?

You probably don't know the song I've picked today. For a number of reasons, however, it has been in my head for the last week. It fits with so many things happening right now for me.

It's called "You can go" by David Meece. Yes, it's from the 80s, and David Meece is a Christian artist.

I've been singing this catchy tune to Jacob Zuma for a while - works for me. Also, after not being able to get out and exercise, I now can, so I sing it to myself too. And I'm going away - it's our annual break, and we will be at the coast. Yay!

The bonus is that the song starts with one of Bach's Two Part Inventions (number 13), played on a synthesizer.  I love it, even if you roll our eyes at me. The live version was terrible, so here's the music - no video, just the pic. Tell me if you love it/hate it.

And what are you singing to yourself this week?

Happy running.

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