Saturday 23 April 2016

Ten of the best #42

Hey hey hey. It's time to  kick back and check out what has been happening on social media this week. And boy has it been busy. Here are the ten posts I enjoyed most.

I've been following the Rhodes protests with great personal interest. My daughter is there. A lot has been said about rape culture and how it has affected women, Charlene Smith, a respected rape survivor and counsellor has come out against the protesters and publishers of the list of alleged rapists, saying they have stooped to the level of the rapists. Others have taken her on, saying that in a struggle, tactics are not always completely ethical. And then Charlene has responded. Hmm, makes one think. Click the picture for the link to the debate. And let me know what your stance is? Leave a comment below.

Ironically, since you may have read some dodgy posts on the weekly ten of the best, this one will help you filter out all the nonsense. No, of course I don't filter any articles - this is for entertainment value. Not everything is true. Kate Sidley wrote an excellent article, entitled "I'm sorry, that's just bull#@$%" Click the pink moon. Because it's real.

So Kate, is this one true? The piano on Sydney beach? I checked Snopes, it's not there. But does that mean it is true, or just that it hasn't been "uncovered" yet? Your verdict?

The struggle is real, people. Ghaleb, son of struggle veterans Yusuf and Amina Cachalia is running for the DA. Not content with publishing anti-ANC posts, he has joined the official opposition. 

The book post this week looks at the most famous quotes of Charlotte Bronte. Because it was her birthday this week. Ok, yes, the queen turned old too but really, you've all seen those pictures. These quotes are quite lovely. Happiness is not a potato, and so on. What's your favourite?

Let's talk grammar, since we're in the mood. The weird English expressions that are actually right, but we question them, once we've written them down.

This is not an easy post to share. It's one of those that is so close to my heart that it's difficult to talk about. But it's also beautiful, brave and demands attention. My sister has PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease). So she needs a kidney transplant soon. Read about that here. But this post was so encouraging - look at the ladies below. They share kidneys. One each. Because when you give a kidney while you are still alive to someone who needs it, you give them an extended life. The chances of rejection are lower.  The recipient's  health is better, which means their life expectation - quality and quantity -  is so much greater. The alternative - to go on a very long waiting list, getting more and more ill, and wait for the death of an organ donor who is a match is no fun. In this post, Valeen Keefer shares the special relationship she has with her donor. Beautiful.

It's the Chelsea Flower Show. I love seeing the pics of all the beautiful displays. Here's this year's South African entry. And the story

What qualifies you as a South African? Barry Hilton says it's the rusk test. Watch here.

True story. We were on a recent road trip, and One Direction's "Perfect" was playing. Now I am not a fan, nor am I an authority on current hits. But I did think - hey, this sounds like Style, that song that Taylor Swift wrote. So a little googling later, and I found this confirmation. Now there's no doubt. Not that there was for me, but nice to see it - the clip below plays both songs together. Ok, maybe it's old news for you, but a new discovery for me.

Well, that's it folks. Hope you enjoyed yourself.

Happy weekend!

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