Saturday 14 July 2018

Ten of the Best #125

You don't know how close it was. No, I'm not talking about the tennis yesterday. But it was the tennis's fault that we nearly nearly nearly didn't have a Ten today. After an epic battle on Wednesday with Roger Federer, Kevin Anderson made it through yesterday's even more epic Wimbledon semi-final - to win the 5th set 26-24 against the US of A's John Isner. Here are the final moments.

And here's the link to the story of the semi, if you click the pic.

I've often wondered how easy it is (or isn't) to be someone else on social media. In this clever article "Oprah, is that you?", a reporter discovers how remarkably easy it is. Click the pic for the article.

I liked this list of books- what we can expect for Summer (i.e. our Winter) 2018. Read any yet?

The South African desserts you need to try.

I liked this article on why our daughters are the rising wealth influencers.

Stephen Colbert on the latest Trump news.

John Cleese clears up what the Brits actually think of Trump... click the cartoon on the immigrants.

Yay - Maboneng and Kalk Bay feature in the 12 coolest neighbourhoods in the world.

Cute clip showing grandpa (age 90) and 2 granddaughters (age 9) dancing.

And since that has put me in the mood, you may as well know that I love this new Jason Mraz Might As Well Dance video. It features scenes from Jason's wedding, and its catchy, feel good and fun. There is also some cool guitar playing at around 2.03.

That's your Ten for the Week. Hope you enjoyed it, and have a great weekend.

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