Saturday 7 July 2018

Ten of the Best #124

And before we begin, could we just have a shout out for World  Chocolate Day, please?

We're going to start with a World Cup themed clip. Have you learned to Neymar yet?

The difference between watching The World Cup in the US and most other places in the world.

Elena Ferrante: ‘Even today, after a century of feminism, we can’t fully be ourselves.' A short, but excellent piece from The Guardian.

Trevor Noah laughs at Mike Pence's immigration speech - it is a bit creepy. And meet Poncho - the CPR dog from Madrid.You'll love him. I know it's double Trevor this week, but he was on form.

Test Kitchen, Cape Town, South Africa is the only SA restaurant to feature in this list of the World's 50 best restaurants. And sneaking in at #50, so only just. Been to any?

The KFC World Cup Advert is quite amusing, if you haven't seen it. It certainly beats THAT Hyundai annoying one.

The Stellenbosch University Choir 'Say Something'. They competed in an Eisteddfod in Wales this week.

Why you should consider leaving a spoonful of sugar water in your yard. Even David Attenborough says so.

The Proud Dad bus. Love it. 

Why self-driving, autonomous cars may be further away than we think. Interesting.

That's your Ten, now the weekend can begin, but before it does, I have to show you something from my Twitter timeline that amused me.  Two little retweets in a row. It amused me a bit too much actually. Click the screenshot for more of JK Rowling's roasting of Trump. It's good.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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