Monday 23 July 2018

Monday Meeting

We all have those  days, right?

You know what I mean - those days when this feels so hard, that you just wanna stay in bed, and pretend that you never meant to get up and run. What were you thinking, anyway?

You were actually thinking 'Monday, need to start the week right', or maybe 'Exercise is good for me, and if I don't go tomorrow, the rest of the week's a write-off' - both of which are true things. Now you're thinking 'Monday shmonday, I have rights too - isn't there a right to lie in bed for once?' I know, me too.

But that's why, when you plan this (before Monday) you ask someone else to meet you and join you in the pain. So that, in case you are feeling that Monday shmonday feeling, you can rest assured at least one other person is feeling the same pain of getting out from under the covers - they're probably already dressed - and if you bomb, they're going to be a) mad as hell and all shouty;  b) so pissed off they run anyway, and tomorrow you can't keep up or c) disappointed - the worst, I won't unpack that any further.

Today's song is a shout out to those waiting on the other side, and if you don't have anyone, there's a whole community of us - we'll do this with you. Because it's always better together.

It's Meet Me Halfway by the Black-eyed Peas.

Let's walk the bridge, to the other side
Just you and I (just you and I)
I will fly, I'll fly the skies, for you and I (for you and I)
I will try, until I die, for you and I, for you and I, for for you and I,
For for you and I, for for you and I, for you and I
Can you meet me half way
Can you meet me half way
Can you meet me half way
Can you meet me half way
Meet me half way, right at the borderline
That's where I'm gonna wait, for you
I'll be looking out, night n' day

Now get going out there, before you change your mind.  I'll meet you halfway.

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