Monday 25 June 2018

This is us

Good morning, fellow fitness fanatics. And also the not-so-fanatical, but those willing to be inspired to do a little bit more than yesterday. To be a little fitter, maybe faster and definitely stronger and healthier. You inspire me.

Seriously - last week's post (This is me) encouraged at least one friend to walk when she wasn't going to, and another sent me pictures of his morning walk - and they were beautiful. I'm sharing them with you.

You see how you guys motivate me - it was easy to write this today, and I smiled through most of last week, because of the feedback I got. Talk about spreading the love.

I love the sun streaming through the trees, and I can feel the sharp coolness that is our Joburg winters, trying to getting under my many layers, the warmth of those rays challenging (and winning) as my pace quickens and my heart rate increases and the joy and heat from the inside make the outside irrelevant. We sort out our lives, we feel inspired to do right today, and we start the week off in the perfect way.

I've often wondered about starting a walking group for those who want to join in, but this is more flexible, in a way - we can think of each other on our way, and know that we're doing this, together, and sending inspiration out to everyone else doing the same as we get out of bed and do this.

You also loved the music. You shared it, and talked about it and I listened to that song. The. Whole.Week. And I wasn't sorry. 

So this week, it's not as inspiring, the music. But it fits the sentiments of the post. And everyone should rewatch this now and again. It's fun, cute, gets your feet tapping and your brain humming the familiar, meaningless words.

Enjoy, and enjoy your exercise this morning.

You may also enjoy Together - another Monday Motivation.

Have an awesome week.

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