Saturday 9 June 2018

Ten of the Best #120

Ok, we're skipping the explanation this week, and just getting down to it. (If you need a crib sheet, here's why we do this every week.)

This article on Women in the Workplace kicks us off this  week. Chilling statistics, these.

Robyn Vorster wrote about the many nameless babies, whose shocking stories are finally being told. Well, some of them, anyway.

In other SA news, JZ stops asking us what he did wrong, and just tells us "I'm tired of being the nice guy." So are we, JZ.

Parenting tweets from the Huffington Post. Some funny stuff here.

Lionel Shriver (of We Need to Talk about Kevin fame) has stuck controversy gold again, it seems. She wrote an article on Penguin Random House and their new hiring and publishing criteria, and has attracted all sorts of criticism and support for it. Here's the article for you to decide.

I loved this blog post about The Crone by Anabel Vizcarra.

Here's an interesting take on listening to the radio, why it's timeless.

Not sure you'll all enjoy this, so keep scrolling,  but I did - a clever analysis on why Investec's "apology" to Tongaat is so very wrong.

The Economist reports on these people developing amphibious traits. Fascinating.

And the bonus post this week is James Corden's Carpool Karaoke with Shawn Mendes. I loved the singing, those harmonies.

Have an awesome weekend, people. See you next Saturday.

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