Saturday 2 June 2018

Ten of the Best #119

Good morning lovely people. It's time. To catch upon the great stuff we missed on social media this week. I had fun putting these together - today's choices turn out to be rather local, but hey, who's complaining? I love my fellow SAns, and this stuff is good. So let's begin  with Lobola is no laughing matter. A new advert.

I know everyone is reading the Jeppe Boys address, and it's good, but we shared that last week, so here's Darrell Bristow-Bovey's When my school of strife became a school of life.

Another great SA ad - here Mercedes Benz goes back in time to when that car went over that cliff, And they do it again. Brilliant.

The Guardian tells us how avoiding meat and diary is the biggest choice you can make for the environment. 

And those 20 words we need to use again. And again, until they're part of our lives.

Dear Cape Town - this made me sad, but I think it's true.

After the Henri van Breda case, everyone is asking - not "did he?", but "why did he?". This article attempts to answer that question.

We now have one, a cat, that is, and when I read this I hoped we'd NEVER have to try. After I picked myself up off the floor, that is. How to give a cat a pill.

And the Meghan Markle post, because I can't believe I didn't share it last week. She's always been a rock star - even at 12.

The bonus post has a "preachy" warning. It's fiery. Think the bishop who preached at the Royal Wedding. On steroids. But it's got its moments too. Don't watch if you can't stomach pulpit banging. You have been warned. The Trick baby.

Bye for now, see you soon. Have a great weekend.

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