Wednesday 13 June 2018

The Beach Cafe by Lucy Diamond

You know those nights at book club? Just before the school holidays, and it's your turn, because you're going to the sea on your annual holiday, and you need a comforting stack of books. In case of rain, of course.

If you're anything like me, the books are read long before there's a sniff of cloud in the sky, and if you're my daughter, you've read them all in the car on the long trip down.

Well, this one appealed for so many reasons. I could picture it in my little hands in so many places - on the sand, in the lounger, next to the kettle while I made tea, and late at night, snuggled up, everyone else asleep and me reading.

I loved the story of Evie Flynn, the black sheep of her family, who inherits Aunt Jo's coffee shop near the beach. I loved that she wouldn't sell it, and untrained as she was, wanted to keep it. I loved the slightly delinquent strangers she took in to help her, the slower and simpler, yet somehow more connected and meaningful life she made for herself. The walks, the swims, the ice creams - I could feel the breeze in my hair and taste the flavours.

This is not a book for a reading critic, or a jaded cynic. But it's the PERFECT book to fall in love with and escape for a few hours into. Especially at the beach.

I relished every moment. Pure pleasure.

4 stars


You may also enjoy Elin Hildebrand's Here's to Us.

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