Saturday 23 June 2018

Ten of the Best #122

Sorry this is later than usual. I've had such a lovely time, going through all the stuff you shared. It took me ever so long - there was so much to read and watch. But you, you'll whizz through, because the best of it is right here. Click the pictures for the articles, and what you've already seen, you just keep on scrolling through.

Seth Myers takes us through Trump's repeal of the immigration laws. And the rally. Honestly, the stuff Trump said at the rally was jaw-dropping. Watch it. And the "ad" at the end - Don't bother to vote. 

The longer it lasts, the more I think they're just messing with us. They must be. Melania and That Jacket.

You need an antidote to all that? Maybe that's why I enjoyed Samuel Warde's summary of the British rants. Click the Time cover for the article.

My family wanted me to share this one with you - but the version we saw on Whatsapp doesn't exist on YouTube. So here it is in two parts - Part 1, the rich spoiled girl on Dr Phil.

And Part 2 - his response. Skip to 2:30 for the funniest part.

I enjoyed this article on Antony Bourdain and Kate Spade from Time Magazine

The reading - Lemony Snicket quotes on reading.

Why I'll never take a rest day - have you ever thought of this?  Just one mile, every day. No breaks.

Thanks for this one, Natalie - the dirty laundry of negative gender portrayal.

Ok, this one's long, full of memories, and lots of song stories. I had an enormous smile on my face for the full 23 minutes. Pure Beatles nostalgia. I loved it. Don't stop at 13 minutes - at 15.40 they hit the pub...

And since we've had so much Trump today, we'll sign out with Tracy Ullman - doing Angela Merckel in a Skype call. With Trump, of course. Sorry, but it is that good. Thanks again, Natalie.

That's all for today, else how will I get any reading done.

Have an awesome weekend, everybody.

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