Saturday 30 June 2018

Ten of the Best #123

Good morning everyone! Here's to a fabulous weekend. It's sure to be, if you start here, catching up on what you missed on social media.

Click on the pictures for the links, and come back for more.

Seen it? Keep scrolling...

Trevor Noah on the Sarah Huckabee Sanders incident - where she was asked to leave a restaurant. Whatever happened to tolerance? Indeed.

Just one more reason to LOVE Susan Sarandon.

This shocked me. Elizabeth Warren isn't a reporter, or a journalist. She is a US senator from Massachusetts.

I read this the other day, and found it disturbing - anyone else? Whatever happened to the student activism at Rhodes?

Cracked vases, broken families, changed stories and restoration. I love the quote - "Feel the fear and take action anyway".

Jamie, the very worst missionary on what being a missionary really is. And what it isn't.

I love these photos  - 'through the lens  of David Goldblatt', who passed away earlier this month.

You Woke? Tracey Ullman does her thing. 

Ed Sheeran performed at Wembley. and when he got to this song, you'll never guess who he called on stage. Yes - Andrea Bocelli. Marvellous.

And here's the Tweet of the week. Yes, of course it's about a cat. There's no link.

That's your Ten. We'll sign out with a heart warmer, though. Katie got married. She's 23, and she already has 13 daughters. Before getting married. Scandalous. And beautiful.

Have a fun weekend, everyone.

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